Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dream-Like Reality

The cravings of a girl, with her birthday 4 days away. 

Contours of My Soul

Walking within the contours of my soul, I have zig-zagged, meandered and have yet to reach my goal. I found gold mines of compassion, searing pools of determination, caves of memories both joyous and melancholic, darkness cloaking all my desires which with a scratch of flint ignited and have not since subsided. 
I walk, I pace, I sprint, I pull and push as doors begrudgingly open or send me flying forward in their ease. I have never touched these pathways with bare feet. So sensitive and smooth, my feet are slow at first and gaining in confidence and hardiness, they're soon carrying me upon my whims. 

Poetry soothes me, the rhythm seems to move to the pattern of my soul. 
I will always allow it to overwhelm me, the emotions to become me and let other's memories call upon my own.