Sunday, November 22, 2015

Garden Girl

To grow a shoot or sprout that was once enveloped in the ground, once covered in soil is the easiest way to bring bounds of happiness into one's life. When I first began my garden, I was a novice, a real rookie... I'd seen my mother wiling away time in the veggie garden, and as a child I was too busy on the swing or in the pool or dancing under the trees to take much notice of how the veggies grew. 
I had no training in school, something I wish I'd been privy to. The only thing I had to go on was instinct, trial & error and as a last resort I had the option of the internet. 
I first planted my seedlings too close, as eager as I was I hadn't realised each and every seed would sprout, and soon my broccoli and kale seedlings were interweaving. They remained as they were, little sprouts. I remember when I brought home my first kale seedlings from Soil For Life and I spent the afternoon turning the soil, wetting their roots and then when dusk fell, I placed those beautiful possibilities into the ground and went to bed. Nights and days passed, rains pattered and poured over my little possibilities and I watched with growing excitement as they peeked slowly through the dense dirt. And then they didn't stop. They grew and continue to grow. Thanks given with a grateful heart, I occasionally pick leaves for my salad or green juice. My herbs, although not in the pictures below, are regular attendees in my evening dishes and wafts of rosemary, thyme and basil flow out into the night in streams of steam. 

My garden of 
leafy greens
 & floral brilliance. 

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