Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wild Freedom

au revior (goodbye, until we meet again)

Releasing the old thought patterns, the doubts, the worries, the social conformity, the unhealthy beliefs. I breathe in the new. Now I am breaking through taboos, creating revitalised thoughts and ideals, surrounding myself by beauty, not conforming to society, beliefs that revive and replenish me, giving over my worries to a higher energy and letting positivity flow through me.

Lazy Sundays
I rest easy,
the sun rests too
unconcerned by it's journey.
the hours for it
are routine
yet each day
it chooses a new display.
clear skies,
or rainbows,
the sun, with the help of the elements
feels comfortable, uncontrolled.
the whole sun demands my attention
breaking through to my heart
shining upon every inch of skin
it drifts,
beating down,
cooling lazily.
I turn over and over and over again
and then aware of the day's nearing end,
I sigh,
a full, languid sigh.
Clothes layered on,
blankets upon the couch,
the kettle boils,
I cannot help but smile.
Sunday is leaving,
but not without
a few more hours of lazy movements,
treasured moments,
and pondering of life's magic creations.

- Montana Hall