Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Define Little Bits Of Life.

There are moments in life when your world suddenly seems to slow down slightly and the only thought running through your head is, "I am so happy right now!"
That thought - that positive radiance that is surrounding you - it jolts and jingles through your bones and zings around your body, reminding every organ, every cell, every fiber of your being just how wonderful life is.

These thoughts and vibrations have been circling my mind & body almost continually recently. I'll be in the car, or coming down the stairs at work, having breakfast with my mother in her quaint kitchen, sitting by the window at home looking at the sunset, talking with someone about similar interests or experiencing life, love and the changing seasons a-midst friends and family...
In the beautiful moments a smile begins to lazily stretch itself across my face, my eyes bright, my wings spread so wide. I feel light, loved and loquacious!

It might still be a secret among many, but between myself and the universe, the laws of attraction are boundless. Evident in small instances, life changing moments, inspiration and an increasing collective consciousness, I love being able to see how beautifully we can work with the universe to attract and create a life full of love, light, creativity, abundance, happiness and safety.


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