Monday, January 26, 2015

The Coin and The Universe

Yesterday I found a 5 cent coin, picked up only to realise it was the wrong way for good luck. I walked on further and outside my house, I stopped. I placed it upon the rock, hoping someone else would walk past and collect it on their way. Today I arrived home from my errands and pausing to find my keys, I spied a 10 cent coin, a sight that truly pleased me. I picked it up and realised that in life when an opportunity comes around which looks too good to pass up, we may be the wrong candidate and instead our calling lies further on. I'd put 5 cents out into the world and received it back with rewards. Thats the way the universe works, give and take, only the giving is two-fold. Just then something faded and dull somehow caught my eye. It was the same 5 cent coin I'd placed there the day before and it had not yet been found by the person the universe had in mind.

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