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Midnight Maneuvers

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Interview: Taylor LaShae

There is always that 'one in a million' and the spotlight is on Taylor LaShae, actress, model and iconic fashionista. You may have browsed her Tumblr blog, scoured through her Instagram photographs, and seen her in the Malibu Rum commercial or the US television series, Boardwalk Empire. According to her Backstage profile, this gun savvy New Yorker loves animals, musical instruments, various sports and can switch to a British or southern accent on whim. Her multiplying list of talents don't end there, success itself seems to have hitched a ride in her pocket…

You have a great camera presence; do you ever feel nervous before shooting?
You know, I have never really felt nervous before shooting. I always found it really fun. I grew up this way… My family was always filming and putting cameras in my face. I just wanted to give them something watch later.

What was your favourite shoot?
That is a very hard question. I have been to so many amazing productions and met so many great people but my very first feature film is hands down my favorite. It’s personal to me and was such a great learning experience. It is still in post-production but once it’s out... I’ll let you know ;)
Shout out to the director Luke LuCurcio who believed in me from the get go and for making me his muse and putting me in all his movies! Always a favorite when working with people you look up to!

You've had a lot of experience on sets, what was the most outrageous instance?
Boardwalk Empire has had its most outrageous times! I was sitting in the Onyx Club getting my makeup touched up before a scene and Steve Buscemi turns around and takes a photo of me with his phone. So, of course I stick my tongue out at him and he flips back around almost embarrassed that he was caught. It sort of made my night LOL.

Can you tell us about your experience on Boardwalk Empire?
Oh, absolutely! The crew, the people, not to mention the ridiculously amazing clothing, tedious perfections to detail – the set is absolutely remarkable! Everything was amazing, perfection like I have never seen it.

And the clothing, that must have been exciting with all the extravagance?
I wore an actual handcrafted, perfectly stored gold and champagne color beaded dress from the 20’s with tassels in the front and back. It was gorgeous! I overheard the fitting ladies in the back say it was over $100,000. I almost died.

What are your trusty clothing items?
Crop top and jeans, mini backpack and some boots. All day every day.

How would you describe your style?
All over the place at the moment. Some days I find myself really preppy and the next… total grunge rocker to french girl from the 60’s. I have no choice... my arrangement of clothing is nowhere near being organized.

Who is your icon?
Anna Karina, hands down. I love love her ‘being’ - I definitely look up to her in the style department in films.

And your celebrity crush?
Kit Harrington because well, he’s great.

What are your favourite things to do on a day off in NYC?
I have no days off! The days I am free I am signing up for kickboxing classes, ballet, zumba, fencing, what have you! I am experiencing the way life should be experienced. Learning new things and mastering them… for fun’s sake.

What's on your playlist at the moment?
Tame Impala
The Antlers
Patsy Cline
Jesus Mary Chain
Mazzy Star
Ray Price
Ricky Nelson
Holy Drug Couple
Chet Baker


If you could travel back in time what era would you choose?
I know this sounds super strange being that I feel I am an old soul, I wouldn’t travel back in time. I like now. People 100 years from now will kill to come back to this era! It will be right before some huge change in the world, government, weather or food. I like it right here. But, if you are getting all sic-fi with me I would like to travel 500 years in the future. I would love to see what the iPhone looks like then ;)

What do people not know about you?
A lot of people don’t know I have a scar on my stomach from a ruptured appendicitis gone wrong. After the operation (when I was 6 years old) the doctors left a utensil in me and I supposedly died and was brought back to life in an emergency surgery leaving me with a nasty scar. Bikinis were my worst enemy for a long time.

What is your greatest fear?
The ocean! I have the biggest phobia of what lies beneath. You would never catch me scuba diving or even snorkeling - gives me chills even thinking about it. Unless it was for a film... then I would suck it up and try not to die.

If you died and came back, what do you think you would be?
If I came back I would become an Astrophysicist. I absolutely am marveled by the thoughts of space and the unknown. Hey, I can dream!

What trait do you like best about yourself?
I am ungodly determined. If I wasn’t so cut-throat with determination I don’t know where I would be today. I learned it from my mama. Never ever give up even when people say you can’t do it. It only fuels my fire.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My metabolism.

What projects are currently keeping you busy?
I have a short film and a TV pilot I am shooting in the fall. Right now, I am studying and taking all sorts of classes to get in shape and keep my eyes on the prize.


You seem to absorb all that life has to offer, do you have a motto that drives you?
My grandfather always used to tell me, “Boys are loud and tough and girls are soft and sweet,” and my other grandfather would tell me, “Tequila time,” - I find myself somewhere in the middle.

And I'm dying to know, how did the love story behind Taylor LaShae & Zachary Chick come to be?
We met in a Dream. Literally… the hotel in NYC. He invited me to tea. I went. Inseparable ever since.

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