Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Debates across the dinner table.

Debates across the dinner table always end in everyone trying to get their last cutting remark in before departing. Tonight is no different, although we stayed on even after all the food had been eaten.
Our conversation topics meandered through different types of films with my brother re-telling some of the scenes just in case we'd forgotten. Somehow we landed harshly onto the topic of war; wars of the past and present, wars concerning America, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Cuba and many more countries. Each with our own opinion as to how we thought the governments should have handled them.... My two little cents was based on my belief that if they're going to fight, don't complain about it afterwards.
It's harsh, i know, but true (at least in my eyes.)

They've entered the war while knowing the only outcome that it can bring: death. Death and victory or death and failure, but death all the same.Thus it's not fair to complain about the number of casualties afterwards (because that was expected in the first place.) I say, why not just let that boiling blood cool for a moment, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Why not sign that peace treaty first instead of sending men out to their deaths so that the country won't look like it was defeated. It's all about the ego (as well as the commodities, but that's an entirely different debate) and the sooner we recognise that, the better off we as a human race will be.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Petal Picking.

Bring me a daisy or two

Just a cup o'coffee beside the bustling streets

petal-like sleeve

gift wrapping ideas

my dream

a tattoo - in white


Alexa Chung
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