Monday, March 17, 2014

'em lazy days. . .

 Lazy Sundays

These are the best for a few cups of iced tea, 
finishing homework, relaxing on the sofa 
and watching those great films of the silver screen. 
I had a craving for a Bogie-Bacall movie and went through a few
before settling on To Have and Have Not. 

I couldn't help but record a snippet of it,
they have a great passion on screen and possibly due to their
relationship off screen as well, but there is definitely something
more to it. Bacall's character exudes a sensuality many women dream
of possessing, the inviting set of her lips and those sultry eyes.
Bogie, a handsome man himself, certainly makes a girl wish
his teasing was aimed at her.
They are a couple whose love certainly withstand time. 

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