Monday, March 17, 2014

'em lazy days. . .

 Lazy Sundays

These are the best for a few cups of iced tea, 
finishing homework, relaxing on the sofa 
and watching those great films of the silver screen. 
I had a craving for a Bogie-Bacall movie and went through a few
before settling on To Have and Have Not. 

I couldn't help but record a snippet of it,
they have a great passion on screen and possibly due to their
relationship off screen as well, but there is definitely something
more to it. Bacall's character exudes a sensuality many women dream
of possessing, the inviting set of her lips and those sultry eyes.
Bogie, a handsome man himself, certainly makes a girl wish
his teasing was aimed at her.
They are a couple whose love certainly withstand time. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

pictures with voices

Letting your heart out

The adrenaline addiction

A contented smile


the disarming smile

the freedom of laughter

Fly away from fiction


childhood catch

grinning madly

lazily picking at the grass

"exactly what did you just say?"

the most realistic dream of mine


It's one of those days. . .

Yestermore' - Montana Hall

A new poem written by Montana Hall,

"There is no way up,
nor any way down,
we flit through life on roller blades,
from side to side we sway.

The yesterday and tomorrow
hold a hope quite rare,
although one is unchangeable,
in the other we are not yet there.

We are able to remember mistakes,
the ones only yesterday can teach,
and follow them into the future
to be sure they don't repeat."