Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now & Then

There was a time when....

Singing the loudest in chior was cool
Your friday night outfit was your most important plan
Getting to school on time was necessary
You couldn't leave the house without your favourite red shoes
Your largest item in your holiday bag was your hair straightener
You had to have the best seat at school
Sitting next to your friends in Assembly was a must
You couldn't think about anything other than passing your drivers
Your Saturday nights consisted of Disney movies & popcorn
Trading stickers at school was 'the shiz'
Marbles made the world go round
You had to know every new song by every cool new artist
Kissing was difficult to fathom
Every party imcluded a game, 'Pass the Parcel'
The game of Cops & Robbers was an afternoon staple
Your school day consisted of blowing ink bubbles for art
It was imperative you didn't get caught during Kissing-Catches
(And a time when you hoped you would)
Getting cooties was the end of the world
Travelling the world became a possibility
You just wanted to watch movies until 4 am
When looking through pictures of your younger years made you cry
You were scared to finish a book, because it would mean the end of a great story

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