Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Changing Leaves

It is rather surprising, the speed at which the weather can change. One evening you're walking home from work, the sun is setting and you can still feel the dense humidity as summer air wafts over you, only to awake the following morning, ready to face the day with the force of sunshine on your side, to find a dreary and dull greeting from Mother Nature. Sure, she's given you two months of intense heat and an incredible amount of sunshine, but you're just not ready to face the onslaught of autumn/winter.
And that leaves you morose, until you're surprised by a beautiful sunny and warm day amidst the dull mass of the changing seasons. It is only in London that i have seen the sun create such an energy that sends people's spirits soaring! These rare days are precious and not to be taken lightly. This is the day during which you can do all the things you've dreamed up whilst sitting in a coffee shop, thinking up all the activities you could be doing were it sunny. The parks will be littered with picnic blankets, soccer balls, kites and people. Restaurants will thrive at meal times, especially tea and the cinema won't see anyone set a foot inside until the sun has declared the day a success and given way to the moon.
Perhaps I'm writing about this in the hope that the universe hears my plea, I am aching for a rare and precious day during which I can finally do everything dreamed up for a summer day.
Let's hope it comes soon, that dash of love and sunshine is definitely needed during the times of changing weather.

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