Thursday, August 22, 2013

Long live the Series of Life.

Anybody with a television will tell you, that once you've watched a few episodes and decided that you enjoy the show, the characters start to weave their way into your reality. From that moment onward they are no longer mere fictional characters, they are people with personalities, ambitions, relationships and choices; just like us. While our lives progress, we watch theirs do so too (at a more rapid pace), and ultimately we grow with them. We cry with them, we laugh, dance, sing and sometimes wish we could be them or at least experience their lives for a day or so.
We make their lives reality and in doing so, we allow them to live.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
She slays vampires by night, 
scrapes by in school, has a crazy group of friends, 
and ironically dates a vampire. 

 From the fashion, to the endless joking around, 
the sympathetic moments, their crazy schemes and episode names, 
it's easy to fall in love a with every single one of them!

 With witty banter, exciting cases, handsome men dressed in suits, 
and of course the ongoing character impersonations, 
we end up wishing we had gone to a top notch secretarial school 
or perhaps Harvard?

Gossip Girl
 New season clothing, ballrooms, champagne, false impressions, 
masquerades, facades, stealth, malice and a well executed scheming can leave us 
drooling whilst sitting on the very edge of our seats. 

 The forbidden love unfolds as we watch Maggie grow 
from a beautiful brown-eyed girl into a young woman, 
who captures the heart of a very well behaved priest. 

7th Heaven
The family anyone would love to visit. Complete with Happy the dog, 
their church-owned home is the sturdy building that has seen many many sights. 
Love, loss, happiness, heartache, mistakes, kindness, long serious speeches 
continues as the years pass and the Camdens grow older. 
We grow with them, able to appreciate the lesson each episode taught.


Television and media has become a platform used to send out subtle
unnoticeable hints that direct us in our choices in life. Please make an
informed decision about what you're watching and be aware of it's programming.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

London adventures ensue...

Leevke & I, Camden Town.

Photo courtesy of blogging-customer

Vinyl and CD shopping, Camden.

Adventures with Jemma.

Wild Team gathering. 


Pulling faces, tipsy-on-the-train.

Floral headband, Camden.

Quirky & colourful vegetarian cafe.

Whimsical in Wimbledon.

Raw food/desserts at Inspiral.

Endless amounts of vintage shopping.

Classic London Style: drinks after work.

Veggie lunch hunt with Jemma.

Salsa Dancing!

Draw me in.

The initial moments. 

The insecurities.

The sleepovers with girlfriends.

The sounds of snogging.

The lovable man made of money.

The All-Seeing psychic.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Simply the Best.

Whenever I'm feeling slightly homesick, I know that I can turn on my ipod, scroll down to Tina Turner and; with the volume drowning out any reminders of the fact that my family and I are seperated by millions of miles; I am able to imagine my parents dancing to "Simply the Best".