Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunny Sunday off.

The fact that it has been a while since I've had a Sunday morning or afternoon off prompted me to "seize the day" as the saying goes.... Carpe Deim . My first task was a flat viewing and then I was on my way; scenery flashing past,the burble of Sunday morning conversation and my collection of last week's tips - ready to shop!

I headed into Spitalfields market with a slightly springy step. It is truly a sight for any eyes. London has brought out my inner shopaholic and markets are the greatest factor. Although there is always a string of similar stalls, there are a few "Gem stalls" that make the whole experience of sifting through worth it! You might find a bargain box, a sale rail or even a "Fill a shopping bag for £20". Today my adventures are not unrewarded; I left with a bag of records I found on sale, a maxi skirt, some bargain box shirts and the satisfaction of having found the perfect place to find an energising snack. Rainforest Creations - the vegan, raw and health food stall whose food makes you feel heavenly.

And now I shall log off, eat the rest of my takeaway raw food dessert, put on my front-of-house apron and earn my splurge-money back ;)

Smiles & Sunshine.

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