Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mulling it over.

I guess it takes a while to sort out thoughts in our heads, and yet the things we do in our everday lives lessen our time for thinking.
When i got to London,  I knew only a handful of people who were rather busy at the time of my arrival,  I ended up sightseeing and enjoying the touristy side of london alone.
During that time I was able to think a lot and realised how easy it is to leave out propper alone time with yourself and your thoughts.
We are surrounded by the constant hum of electronic devices, chatter and bustle of the city and it's imhabitants which makes it decidedly more difficult to create headspace.
That could also be the reason behind the appeal of foreign countries, travel, and retreats.
I myself have realised I don't think as much as when I first arrived- although I am glad I now have made time to experience London Life with friends and family. In retrospect, I am extrememly glad I was able to have that alone time in the beginning. It showed me that I can travel alone and also allowed me time to find and piece together parts of myself I hadn't known were missing.
A learning curve is what it was, as deep and intricate as one can be during a gap year.

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