Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Little Routines

Whilst i was still in school my mother and I would wake at 6am every second morning and it started out that we would do a 2.5 km walk to the farm stall and back. Although, being a true runner at heart, we continued our routine and while my mother walked I would do a quick sprint around our block which also allowed me time for 'faffing' around before school.

Routines are in nearly everything we do, they may start of slight but sometimes when you think back you realise how important these are. They give us security and make us feel like we're fulfilling a purpose.

This got me thinking about my routines I'd started whilst living in London and after analyzing my actions from previous days I realised I had implemented a few. On the mornings on which I work, no matter how much I try to be ready earlier, I always end up taking the same bus at the same time. I also always sit in the same seat (if no one has already occupied it).At work whilst setting up front of house, I use the same order in which I tackle all the tasks. On the mornings which I don't work, I often go to the gym. I use the same locker every time; I have the same playlist of pumping songs and I have the same work out regime for certain days.

Should I delve deeper, I am certain I would find a lot more routines.
I'm sure that should anyone look back on the days passed, they would see a definite thread of consistency
which is what routine is considered to be.

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