Friday, June 14, 2013

On the Jellicoe Road

On The Jellicoe Road
I love how when I listen to Kenny Rogers while reading On The Jellicoe Road, I feel slightly closer to it's characters. I love how poetic their sadness is, and how beautiful it is made out to be. 

I love how Melina Marchetta makes you feel like you could be plotting territorial maps with the Houses, spending nights out dancing with the Townies, and battling wit and bone with the Cadets. She makes you wish you lived within those pages and that their words continued through your lifetime. She makes you long to be with the group as they dive into the stream in which Web made history, crawl through the tunnel saving the lives of your enemies, feeling Grigg's hand in yours as you are once again able fill your lungs with air, hearing Raffy's laughter, crushing on Santangelo and making music with Ben, Choi and the Mullet Brothers. And most of all, i love how, after putting the book down, you too can feel a portion of their poetic sadness as you begin to miss it's characters.

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