Friday, June 7, 2013

Lessons in Life.

It's amazing how fast life can change. I flew the nest in the beginning of this year and have been able to experience so many new thing as well as responsibilities and freedom. I have also been privy to first hand education to not put things off, whether it is something you think you'll eventually do or a form of procrastination. Life waits for no one.

After a meeting with The Wild Team, we made our way to the tube station, and in hope of reminiscing the past, I joined some of the boys in jumping over poles. At the time however, I didn't know that I'd twisted my foot and only found out three hours later that I couldn't walk on it properly. I felt at a loss, I had work the next day as well as a double shift. After sifting through wiki-answers on sprained ankles, I called my uncle and left a teary message on his voice mail. I then climbed into bed with a hot water bottle after a little tantrum in the kitchen, during which I found we had no ice. As always, whenever I'm sick or down, I start to miss home, and this little episode left me falling asleep with a shard of sadness in my heart.

Luckily, I was rescued by my uncle in a shiny car. He took me to the hospital and after x-rays and hearing a lot of his hilarious jokes about nurses and hospitals, it was deduced that I had a sprained ankle. I'll admit, looking back, there were the funny elements. For one, I was atrocious at walking with crutches, and later that evening I was walking on one crutch as we made our way home from dinner at the pub, my uncle chose to instigate a crutches-war with me in the middle of the street. I still enjoy the irony.

I then stayed the night and following day at my aunt and uncle's house, relaxing in front of the television, reading and sleeping. As much needed rest, but had I needed one more day, I would surely have gone mad.
I was soon back at work, surrounded by The Wild Team (whose messages left me feeling well cared for), smiling customers and a few sunny summer days.

And with a hobble and a skip, I shall take leave. It is always great when life teaches you a lesson and you're able to look back upon it, smile, realise that you did in fact learn something and move on.

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