Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Hat

After many months of wishing, my dream came true and today i found myself at the Aldwych Theatre watching Top Hat! Luck was with us today as our seats were promoted to the stalls!

Th sun was still shining when Jemma and i left for about early dinner. I was introduced me to a fabulous quaint vegan/raw restaurant called Vitao. With chilli-miso tofu and flax seed nachos as a main, we indulged in a slice of the raw chocolate ganache cake for dessert.
We then went for a digestive stroll along Oxford Street, enjoying the later of the sun and found treats at Holland and Barrett.
Now at home, i've stuck up my ticket as a reminder of the toe taping orchestra pieces, the inspiring dances and humorous story of Top Hat.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Manic Monday playlist.

Being on our own - Fruit Bats
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Islands in a stream - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
Manic Monday - The Bangles
It's my party - Lesley Gore
French Navy - Camera Obscura
Living next door to Alice - Smokie
Chocolate - The 1975
Tangerine - First Aid Kit
Let her dance - The Bobby Fuller Four

Friday, June 14, 2013

On the Jellicoe Road

On The Jellicoe Road
I love how when I listen to Kenny Rogers while reading On The Jellicoe Road, I feel slightly closer to it's characters. I love how poetic their sadness is, and how beautiful it is made out to be. 

I love how Melina Marchetta makes you feel like you could be plotting territorial maps with the Houses, spending nights out dancing with the Townies, and battling wit and bone with the Cadets. She makes you wish you lived within those pages and that their words continued through your lifetime. She makes you long to be with the group as they dive into the stream in which Web made history, crawl through the tunnel saving the lives of your enemies, feeling Grigg's hand in yours as you are once again able fill your lungs with air, hearing Raffy's laughter, crushing on Santangelo and making music with Ben, Choi and the Mullet Brothers. And most of all, i love how, after putting the book down, you too can feel a portion of their poetic sadness as you begin to miss it's characters.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lessons in Life.

It's amazing how fast life can change. I flew the nest in the beginning of this year and have been able to experience so many new thing as well as responsibilities and freedom. I have also been privy to first hand education to not put things off, whether it is something you think you'll eventually do or a form of procrastination. Life waits for no one.

After a meeting with The Wild Team, we made our way to the tube station, and in hope of reminiscing the past, I joined some of the boys in jumping over poles. At the time however, I didn't know that I'd twisted my foot and only found out three hours later that I couldn't walk on it properly. I felt at a loss, I had work the next day as well as a double shift. After sifting through wiki-answers on sprained ankles, I called my uncle and left a teary message on his voice mail. I then climbed into bed with a hot water bottle after a little tantrum in the kitchen, during which I found we had no ice. As always, whenever I'm sick or down, I start to miss home, and this little episode left me falling asleep with a shard of sadness in my heart.

Luckily, I was rescued by my uncle in a shiny car. He took me to the hospital and after x-rays and hearing a lot of his hilarious jokes about nurses and hospitals, it was deduced that I had a sprained ankle. I'll admit, looking back, there were the funny elements. For one, I was atrocious at walking with crutches, and later that evening I was walking on one crutch as we made our way home from dinner at the pub, my uncle chose to instigate a crutches-war with me in the middle of the street. I still enjoy the irony.

I then stayed the night and following day at my aunt and uncle's house, relaxing in front of the television, reading and sleeping. As much needed rest, but had I needed one more day, I would surely have gone mad.
I was soon back at work, surrounded by The Wild Team (whose messages left me feeling well cared for), smiling customers and a few sunny summer days.

And with a hobble and a skip, I shall take leave. It is always great when life teaches you a lesson and you're able to look back upon it, smile, realise that you did in fact learn something and move on.