Friday, May 17, 2013

My life in the Roaring 20s

If i lived in the 1920s, my name would be Clara Belle. I would be of French and Swiss lineage, born into a family of wealth. I would have enjoyed many pleasures yet remained humble due the relationship between the children of the servants and myself. One might have found me lounging in the garden under an apple tree with a novel in hand, occasionally picking at strawberries or playing with my loose and astonishingly long hair. I would be seen enjoying glasses of champagne at night and dancing with many partners into the early hours of the morning. I would never have left the house without a long and elegant cigarette, a peacock feather perched in my hair and a clutch large enough to carry a book to occupy me during lengthy train rides into the country. Before bed, I would have indulged in long and luxurious baths and lain in my four poster bed gazing up at the glow-in-the-dark stars I'd pasted there to remind myself that dreams do eventually become reality, and then I'd close my eyes and picture the face of the rogue with whom I was in love.


Films, novels, songs and poetry all speak, write and portray these feelings that one who has yet to experience them, can only wish were true and yet can't help but feel the seed of doubt which grows considerably over years of this feeling's evasion. That is why one may ask whether it truly is possible to feel such an intense connection upon meeting a stranger. Have all the emotions that were once a leading rein reappeared, without warning, without a hint of wariness. Why then, one may ask, were these emotions forgotten, suppressed or decanted into a darkened area, when their only purpose was to bring hope, love and passion into one's life. The answers to such questions can easily elude anyone, and when someone is able to answer them, they will never be cemented, because life treats everyone differently and perhaps finding out is part of the journey.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Stylish Sister.

Words to bloom.

It seems that London has bloomed over night. One day I was walking home from work, it was still cold and still felt like winter and the next morning I was greeted by a warm sunny day and rows of blossoming flowers and trees. Sunny days in London always seem to hold a magical sense of hope and excitement. The mentality being, "We've been given this amazing weather, it would be unfathomable not to do something!"
That is why on a bright day you would see masses and crowds hitting the hot spots, shopping, eating out (more so than usual) and not to mention the effect of crowds on the tubes. I'm proud to say that this mentality has not escaped me and should a sunny day appear (which seems to be happening more and more), you might spot me lounging in the park with a good book while baring my wintry legs - hoping to catch some sun.
Due to the fact that there hasn't been many dull days recently, I seem to have finished nearly all of my library books; and as a result, I have now added a new favourite author to my list.

Favourite Authors:
Melina Marchetta
Laurie Halse Anderson
Janet Fitch
Julia Quinn
Cecelia Ahern
Sophie Kinsela
Sarah Dessen
Carolyn Keene
Alexandra Potter

Holly Black
Cassandra Clare

Jandy Nelson