Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I miss about home.

Sunday lunches at my gran's house.
Driving around blasting good tunes.
Engaging & thought-provoking talks with my dad.
Going crazy about clothes with my sister.
Going vintage shopping.
Getting my hair cut at Fringe, a vintage Hairdresser
Going to the cute vegan cafe, Bolo Bolo.
Tanning in a new bikini on the deck chairs.
Singing along while cooking.
Trying new recipes.
Seeing my friends.
Coffee with my good guy-friend, Wally.
Chilling-out at Chels's house (a home away from home)
A bit of partying ;)
The summers of Cape Town.
My gran's impromptu visits, bringing homemade biscuits an surprises.
Watching movies from the Library.
Playing Soccer.
Unintelligible and non-sensical  arguments with my brother about God-knows-what, just for the sake of arguing.
The warm and comforting hugs of my mother.
Seeing our domestic worker's baby grow up.
Making pies in my pie machine.
Listening to my parent's vinyls on my record player.
Dancing with my dramaticaly-inclinded friend as though we were on Broadway.
Dropping my sister and brother off at school.

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