Thursday, April 25, 2013

Facing your fears.

After finally mustering up the courage and ignoring the little voice inside my head saying that I probably wasn't as good as I used to be, I decided to join the local ladies soccer training. I was directed and re-directed and eventually found the fields. By this time the butterflies in my stomach were creating havoc yet I persevered. I was invited to join, chose a bib and created space. Surprisingly even though I hardly played any soccer last year due to final exams and matric, it felt so natural. I didn't even tire out as soon as I thought I would and gave a couple of great crosses and tackles. It was a great chance to push myself, embrace my stamina and break a good sweat. After practice and being introduced to the girls, a few of us walked to the station, chatting along the way. The ripple effect that practice had on my well being is astounding. The very next day I got up early to run (pushing through my stiffness), went and bought green tea, amaranth and hemp seed milk. That practice was the first leaf which once it had been turned, caused many others to do so as well. I chose to face my fears that day and came out the other side more alive and thriving than before. Facing your fears, although it is difficult to do, is probably more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

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