Thursday, April 25, 2013

Facing your fears.

After finally mustering up the courage and ignoring the little voice inside my head saying that I probably wasn't as good as I used to be, I decided to join the local ladies soccer training. I was directed and re-directed and eventually found the fields. By this time the butterflies in my stomach were creating havoc yet I persevered. I was invited to join, chose a bib and created space. Surprisingly even though I hardly played any soccer last year due to final exams and matric, it felt so natural. I didn't even tire out as soon as I thought I would and gave a couple of great crosses and tackles. It was a great chance to push myself, embrace my stamina and break a good sweat. After practice and being introduced to the girls, a few of us walked to the station, chatting along the way. The ripple effect that practice had on my well being is astounding. The very next day I got up early to run (pushing through my stiffness), went and bought green tea, amaranth and hemp seed milk. That practice was the first leaf which once it had been turned, caused many others to do so as well. I chose to face my fears that day and came out the other side more alive and thriving than before. Facing your fears, although it is difficult to do, is probably more rewarding than you ever thought possible.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day to Day

 Writing letters to loved ones.

 Deciding whether to wear glasses or contacts.

 Reading the newspaper on the tube.

Writing notes/thoughts/inspirations.

Writing in my diary.

 Taking many many photographs.

Going sightseeing.

Earning and spending money.

Trying to find jellybaby shoes.

Listening to good music on the bus.

Drinking coffee after work.

Travelling to new countries.

Write it out.


I love that my dad eats his cereal with water.
I love that my grandfather's favourite acting couple was Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers.
I love that the girls in the family are left handed and the boys are right.
I love that my gran has the golden touch in the kitchen.
I love that my gran often made Sunday lunches.
I love that my gran drives like she does.
I love that my sister and I love vintage shopping.
I love that my brother and I love soccer.
I love that my brother performs magic shows for the family.
I love that my friend's house is a home away from home.
I love that I can drive.
I love that I love to cook.
I love that my family has moved so many times.
I love that I've been to seven schools.
I love that I've been to a school in Mauritius.
I love that I lived in Mauritius.
I love that my gran bought my siblings and I a second hand car.
I love that we named the car Mackenzie.
I love that my dad came to watch all my soccer matches.
I love that I was given the chance to create my own vegan cookbook.
I love that my aunt taught me about visualization.
I love that my dad taught me to stay young for as long as possible.
I love that I've traveled part of the world.
I love that I'm finding out about myself whilst living in London.
I love that I love 7th Heaven.
I love that I was brought up vegan.
I love that I had such amazing teachers.
I love that I learn something new everyday.
I love that I didn't go to college just for the sake of it.
I love that I'm getting to know myself better.
I love that I love to write.
I love that my class 7 teacher took the time to help me get back on track.
I love that I miss my class so much.
I love that we used to laugh like crazy and have water fights at break.
I love that the boys included us in "Rat".
I love that I have such a great group of friends.
I love that my friends and I would dance all night long.
I love that we had so many adventures.
I love that I feel so safe with them.
I love that the summer is on it's way.
I love that there are daffodils growing outside the window at work.
I love that I work at such an inspiring restaurant.
I love that the people there are so great.
I love that I love to talk with customers.
I love that I'm part Swiss.
I love that Switzerland is beautiful and neutral.