Sunday, March 31, 2013

The best of both worlds.

Yesterday was most unusual, throughout the day we experienced two extreme seasons. The day started off cold with misty windows and dull skies. At work, upon looking out the window, I was excited and amazed to see snow flakes passing on us on their way to ground destination. Then after what seemed like an hour, the sun started streaming through and warming up the room. Amazingly, it started snowing again not long after that and then we saw yet another bout of sunlight.

And today, after the clocks moved an hour forward for Daylight Saving, I was greeted by sunlight rays peeking through my curtains, meeting my aunt and getting a Lindt dark chocolate bunny for Easter, arriving early for work and having many laughs throughout the day especially when we found we all had butter fingers. I dropped the same cake three times, cups kept sliding out of another girl's hands and the tales continue...

I was greeted, during lunch hour, by a beautiful message that made my smile stretch wider than ever before. My best friend, Ashley, writes...

I ate yoghurt today and thought of you. I wore a scarf in the rain yesterday and thought of you. I look at the scar on my hand every day and think of you. I watched the movie "pretty woman" (old fashioned) and thought of you. I was given a raw Easter egg today and thought of you. I spoke to your mom on Wednesday and thought of you. I hear the song "sugar sugar, honey honey" and think of you. I smell aromatherapy oil, the same as your skin's scent, and think of you. Seeing photos of us from the past makes me think of you and all our memorable moment together. I go into the shop trying to find the perfect bottle of rosé wine; the cheapest with the most alcohol content, and think of you. I went to the Cederberg the other day for that long weekend and saw the same, little pond (near to where jumping off those high rocks is essential) when you slipped on the rocks and fell through the bushes into the shallow water, your survival of that holiday is a mystery in your life and it made me think of you. I dream of meeting up with you in London and when I wake up it makes me think of you. Even if I wanted to go to a life saving party, I don't think I would be able to because it just wouldn't be the same. When I think of you, I hear you laugh, see your smile and feel your tight hugs... What I'm trying to say is that I miss you and think of you all the time. It makes me sad and I'm starting to have Montana withdrawl symptoms ;) xox
She's amazing. I love her. I miss her. I can't wait to see her.

And now after a long day, I will be sitting face to face with my family with only a computer screen and a few thousand miles separating us as we catch up.

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