Saturday, March 30, 2013


To wake up in London and see a sliver of sunlight shining through the crack in your curtains is not ordinary; in fact it is most abnormal. It seems that today i"m going to be working under the gaze of the sun at Wild Food Cafe, a truly spectacular cafe which makes delicious, decorative and divine dishes at the heart of Neal's Yard. Every time I get off of the tube at Covent Garden, I have to pinch myself. In reality I am working in Covent Garden, the hub of the new age and alternative lifestyles. Everyone is so interesting and exciting, with so much to share. Yet Wild Food Cafe is the best of all - the people I've met there are amazing; they make you feel as though you were a part of the family. And that's exactly what it is, a family. Everyone looks out for one another, can rely on each other and there is plenty of conversation and many many many laughs. I know I'll be happy here.
After all, I am a Covent Garden girl at heart. 

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