Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have yet to see the moon to find out whether it is full or not, but for whatever reason, I cannot seem to fall asleep. In order to remedy my situation: tossing and turning in bed for two hours with and without Sinead O'Connor singing in my ear, I have decided to put my excessive energy to some good use; writing.

Every time I fall asleep, my thoughts begin to spiral down from their chaotic state, until I greedily latch onto the most exciting one and wear it out completely. I end up dreaming up scenarios, ideas and possibilities and after repeating that over and over again, I force myself to choose a new new thought process. For example, tonight I went to sleep thinking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a series I had just watched) and after sucking it dry - excuse my pun - I sunk my teeth into the ideal of becoming an air-hostess. Scene after scene, I watched myself learning new languages, pushing the cart up and down the aisle, easily falling asleep in a comfortable bed in a foreign country, the shopping as well as the possibility of having to use life jackets.

As a little girl, when ever we went to the airport (which was quite often), I would wistfully admire the uniforms of the air-hostesses and watch them glide past in kitten heels wheeling their overnight bags. Other than watch them, my sister, brother and I would all wait excitedly for the chance to weigh ourselves on the luggage-scale. It became tradition, as did browsing the many shelves of bookshops while our parents sat in the coffee shop. I often think of those years when we would vacation in Mauritius or visit extended family in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. I'll admit, I even enjoyed travelling to Namibia, where my aunt and uncle owned a horse farm. We all got the full experience of owning horses, feeding them, washing them, healing them and riding them. We were not without the childhood experience of Easter, one of my fondest memories. My uncle flew us in his plane to farm on which we stayed, saw jackals and eagerly awaited the Easter Egg hunt that would commence the following morning. And there were many many eggs that year! Guess the Easter Bunny loves Namibia.

Well, now that I'm fully awake, and see no possibility of my falling asleep before work, I think I shall log off and indulge myself with a cup of Redbush tea and an intriguing movie.

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