Friday, February 22, 2013

25 C

I then began my trial at 222 Veggie Vegan, something I thoroughly loved. I chopped, peeled, sliced, diced and learnt a lot about knife skills and dealing with the 'heat of the kitchen'. I found that the kitchen brings out my sarcasm, irritation and back chat, things I never would normally allow people I've just met to see. After my first week I was able to try out the front, setting up the tables, buffet and learning about the till. I found I really enjoyed it and thrived in the more relaxed and laid back environment. I was still able to help with the cooking and prepping of the buffet dishes a well as chat to customers. I now feel like a real Londoner and if i don't speak whilst on the bus, in the other passenger's eyes I really am one. I catch two buses on my way to work and now, because I don't feel worried that I've caught the wrong bus anymore, I'm able to sit back and listen to my ipod while watching the sights flash past. 
After watching a bunch of Buffy The Vampire slayer episodes last night I saw a red envelope propped up on the side board and on the back it read, "Don't open until the 22nd" - torture, i tell you!
This morning when I awoke i sang happy birthday to myself and gave myself a little make over before going downstairs to finally open the red envelope. My aunt and uncle had gifted me with 20 pounds. I'd also received a voucher for Topshop from my parents and stockings from Jasper who had visited me for 3 days. This morning I made myself pancakes and really indulged myself with a few cups of tea, and now I plan to catch a bus to Oxford Street and enjoy the joys of shopping at Topshop!

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