Friday, February 22, 2013

25 B

On the plane i watched The Perks of being a Wallflower and Pitch Perfect and cemented my love for Emma Watson and her incredible performance and beauty. Unfortunately for the man beside me who also occupied the aisle seat, my bladder was unnaturally weak (i blame it on high air pressure) and I was constantly getting up to go to the toilet. Other than a few hiccups during which my mind was a jumbled mass of prayers, I was able to relax and gaze out the window onto the foreign land below. Above the clouds, the sky was alight with the sun's rays and made me surrender to the feeling of extreme excitement. Although, as we dipped down it felt as though we were drowning in fog and mist and when the view below came into sight, there was a dull glow that was the only sign of it being day, the rest was what i now know to be 'typical London weather'.
The landing was one of the best I've know, no need for ear-popping sweet, only one child screaming and no rickety bounces. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have taken such a large and heavy hand luggage as well as my handbag, laptop case and teddy bear. I definitely regretted it as I followed the crowd through corridor after corridor as a fast pace. My arm muscles felt as though they were ready to snap and underneath the millions of jackets and scarves I'd worn (in the hope of lightening my suitcase) my body was reaching boiling point. When we eventually arrived, I collected my suitcase and strode through the meeting point, my eyes eagerly scanning the crowd - no one. I sat and waited and although I kept spotting look-a-likes of my aunt and uncle, they arrived 10 minutes later. During the drive home from the airport I was given the '411' on all things in London, from types of beer to types of bus passes. When I walked through the door of the house that would be my new home for a month, I'd learnt nearly all there is to know about London. The house was quaint and rustic with a room of glass ceilings and a pretty furniture. That night they took me to a vegan restaurant which was in Fullham and where I now work. I loved it so much that I asked about a position that very night..and got lucky! Other than missing home a little, settling in was easy, my aunt and uncle encouraged me to explore London and due to their heavy schedule, I did so by myself. I learnt not only about the history and magnificent sights of London, but also that I loved to travel alone. And over the next few days I went to Oxford Street (now my home away from home, even if it is only to window shop), Picadilly Circus, Covent Gardens, Leicster Square and many more places.

to be continued....

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