Wednesday, February 13, 2013

25 A

Well, here i am... in LONDON!
It has taken me much too long to get back on here, writing again. Well, the airport scene was bittersweet, as has much of my time here been. The morning of my flight I met my friends at a coffee shop for breakfast and although I had planned to stay for only two hours, it ended up being four. The usual "last touch, nigs" was started and my inner competitiveness came out thus I gave the last touch.
Fast forward to 5 o'clock, 2 hours before I leave for the airport and my mother and I are sitting disheartened beside my suitcase as we sort through each and everything, hoping to lighten the load by at least 30%. Even though I sacrificed taking many things along, I still had to take out more at the airport and the lady behind the desk let me go on with two kilograms more than allowed. Lucky me!

We were casually eating foccacia and chatting about what was and what was to come when I heard these familiar shouts of excitement, and looking up I saw my friends, Chelsea as tall and beautiful as a giraffe, Ashley and her glorious smile, Mandla and his award winning laugh and Ruelle pushing Wally on a trolley - Classic! We all ended up eating pizza around the table, chatting and laughing, while my sister and brother begged to go push each other on the trolleys. Time flew and soon I was to leave, so we all walked toward the gate and all my friends gave me a letter to read on the plane, but only while up in the air. I thought to myself as I hugged everyone goodbye, I hadn't cried or felt too sad, even though I was leaving all my friends and family for a year. Then after I'd passed through the metal detectors (with distinction) I waved to everyone on the other side of the glass. It was only when the glass became an opaque wall that I broke down. Tears poured out of my eyes and under my glasses, rolling down my cheeks. Thankfully I wasn't surrounded by people and had time to collect myself before looking any officals in the eye. Then for one second I stood on the line that divided my life into past and future. My future was new, exciting, completely unknown and I was going at it alone.

to be continued,,,

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