Wednesday, January 30, 2013


An early start to an overcast day - not my idea of summer holidays, but I stole lemons and made my own lemonade (figuratively).
Singing along to Petula Clark's 'Downtown', I raced to Fringe, the best hairdresser a girl could have.
The theme of her salon is true vintage; she has an old television set, a vintage maroon radio and the walls are lined with framed photographs of Old Hollywood icons. I started to relax for the first time that morning, with coffee in hand, I waited my turn whilst humming along to Elvis. forward and I'm driving to the mall, my hair no longer 'blowing in the wind', but cropped into a pixie cut, just like the inspiring photo of Michelle Williams.
With a long list I raced around the mall, searching for the shops and items in need. I spent my book voucher and now am the proud owner of The Carrie Diaries, which i am most eager to read!
I also bought cotton vests, which remind me of childhood winters. I had finished shopping, but the day's excitement was not over!
My best friends had organised a make-your-own-vegan-pasta-day in honor of my looming departure.
What fun it was! We made the dough, rolled it, pressed it through the machine until it became see-through and then made tagliatelle. The funniest thing was where we kept the pasta while working... Aoife had found a small washing line in the garage that was missing the strings, so we set it up and let the pasta hang on them to dry. We then set to work on making the sauces, which resulted in each of us having a saucepan, each creating a sauce. Luckily the saying, "too many cooks spoil the broth" didn't apply and eventually we settled down to eat, whilst sipping mojitos.
We didn't end up swimming, but instead watched Discovery channel's documentary on finding mermaids - very interesting!!
And here i sit now, smiling and eating ice cream as I record my day.

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