Sunday, January 27, 2013


To end off  a lovely week, the family gathered around our large wooden table to fill the afternoon with stimulating conversation, delicious food, decadent desserts and long laughs. With the sun was shinning, the air dripping with humidity and the peacocks crowing in the background, summer was at it's peak. 
Belated birthdays were remembered with presents and good wishes for my voyage were presented in the form of a travel diary. Now i have no excuse not to write. 
The house was loud and welcoming, something I shall definitely miss about home, other than my family and friends. Although, my excitement can be detected in the fact that I have already packed my bags; and every night before falling asleep, dreams of London consume my mind. I've also not stopped asking my parents whether my ticket is finally booked, which they say shall be done by the middle of next week. 
As for my days spent awaiting my departure, I have been educating myself in old fashioned films as well as eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Gone With The Wind sequel, Scarlett, and passing the time tanning, making pizza, watching movies, talking into the early hours with friends. 
Another excitement is my 19th birthday which is in 26 days, and by then I'll be in LONDON!
Hopefully, if i have the day off of work, I shall do what any tourist does and go sight-seeing; Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and then I hope to find some local dives where I can unlock London's secrets for myself. 

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