Thursday, January 24, 2013


My dream professions over the years:

1. A teacher
I would set up a 'class' and make my sister and brother do math sums and write sentences which i would then mark.I had everything i needed, books, pens, a chalkboard, heeled shoes and a pencil sticking out my hair.

2. A Detective
I believe that this is mainly due to my intense obsession with Nancy Drew novels, that I thought in my becoming a female detective I would be recreating fiction. Although, the aspect that always put me off was the fact that criminals had weapons, and the idea of chasing them down scared me so.

3. A Television Presenter
Being on television has always fascinated me and has become something which i long to accomplish and having many people watching me on television - so enraptured, was what reeled me in.

4. An Author
I have a feeling I will accomplish this in the future. I've always enjoyed writing, creating characters and falling in love with them.

5. An Actress
This is deeply ingrained into me, I believe I was born to act. As a young girl I would organize my siblings and cousins with roles and a script and we would rehearse until a fight broke out (which always happened). We would dress up, grab finished toilet rolls and sing our hearts out, perform the skit and then graciously accept our audience's overwhelming applause. This is a strong passion of mine.

6. A Vegan Chef
This is something fairly recent, although as a young girl I would wake early to help my grandpa bake croissants and different types of bread and then stay to help my grandma prepare lunch and dinner. I loved standing next to them in my chef's apron, creating exciting new dishes and pastries. I would then take these new recipes home and try replicate them. I found myself enjoying my time spent in the kitchen which was accompanied by great smells and golden oldies blaring from my Ipod. Then I went on to create my own vegan cookbook during Class 12 and self publish it. Now I'm off to London to chef in a vegan restaurant - I have never been so excited!

7. A Poet
I began writing poetry at the age of 12 and have not stopped. I've got a huge collection of poems, some which reflect my growth as a person and others written using the insight I've gained from other people's experiences, books and films. I'm excited to create a poem book in the future.

8. A Female Soccer Player
My dream was (and still is) to play for Arsenal Girls. This is the one and only sport which I have truly enjoyed. I've sacrificed a lot for soccer, and don't regret a single second. I love every single aspect of the game, something I probably inherited from my father, who played semi-pro during the 1980s. I will continue to believe in my dream.

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