Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So today is the 15th; the day my sister and brother's summer holidays have ended and have reluctantly begun their next year bound to be filled with last-minute cramming, spot tests, sacrifices and the occasional bout of sweat, blood and tears. Although there are always, in among these difficulties, the moments when you think, "I'm so glad to have all these funny and fantastic classmates and these inspiring teachers I shall miss dearly.
Today when I picked them up, after working at the Superfoods Shop (making biscuits and sipping rawlicious smoothies), i couldn't help but smile as I walked down the hallway within which I'd made many many memories.
But it is the new chapter in my life that I am most excited about. London is approaching, friends are off to college and university while the majority seems to be travelling. I'm both quivering with excitement, an emotion that seems to trump the sadness of leaving and saying goodbye - even if it is only a year.
Every night now, I fall asleep to the hazy images I've imagined my life in London to be like.
Independent at last!

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