Thursday, January 3, 2013



I'm sure you can imagine the agonizing wait I endured before I received my results...
Today was the day and I'd awoken thinking I'd find my results in an sms but to my dismay I was told I'd have to wait until 12:00 to receive them at school.
Well, I'll say the wait was worth it!
I remember my reaction to my math mark.. my hand flew to my mouth and my heart started beating wildly within my chest, my eyes must have popped out of my sockets... A 94% - talk about surprise!
My others are as follows:
English - 81
Life Orientation - 82
History - 81
Dramatic Arts - 88
Biology - 72
Afrikaans - 70

As I held the paper on which my marks were printed, I realised that this was the result of everything I had done last year; all the effort, last minute cramming, sacrifices (although not too many ;).
It is finally over.

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