Monday, December 24, 2012


 Last night began with a celebration where my family and I gathered around the dinner table to eat our traditional vegetarian sushi, followed by naartjie and vanilla sorbet for dessert. Our candle lit dinner ended with the bunch of us lazing on the couches reading books, magazines or in my brother's case, building a blanket fort. With my mother celebrating Christmas in India, it was left up to me to make certain everything was in order.
I'm almost certain my brother awoke at least 3 times throughout the night, quivering with excitement as he stole glances at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, under which our wishes and prayers would hopefully be answered.
and now Christmas has finally arrived, as well as presents and a day of family and fun.
As I couldn't think of anything I wanted desperately, I'd left it up to the universe to think of something for me... and it was the best surprise!

and a 60s film, Doctor Zhivago
cocoa body butter
and lindt chocolate

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