Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School Girl.


schools out for summer. schools out for ever. schools been blown to pieces. no more pencils, no more homework, no more teachers. 
- Alice Cooper

It seems fitting as that is exactly what has happened. School is fin, and I am so excited!
It is still a little difficult to wrap my head around the fact that I am never ever ever going back to school, but I'm sure it'll get much easier with time.
New challenges have become more important now: getting my drivers licence, finding my shoes and head piece for my matric dance and sorting out next year in London.

Class of 2012!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comic Life

oh what i would give to have my life depicted in comics


After a hard day's work, I'm just about ready to fall into a long luxurious bubble bath. My aching feet and weaker body are begging me to rest, but my mind is still very much alive. Movie night at Chelsea's house and some good old fashioned catching up is sure to be followed up by a rejuvenating sleep.

Yesterday, I watched THE BREAKFAST CLUB!
Now considered one of my favourite films, which is convenient as I bought a copy to keep. I love the idea of having five strangers (the jock, the brain, the criminal, the princess and the basket case) with nothing in common spending the Saturday in detention.
John Hughes - you are a legend!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Clutch

my holiday project


I am officially a working girl.
Not in the Lady of the Night sense but working just the same.
I am to waitress at this quaint indie cafe, Bolo'bolo.
The street in which it lies has the most spectacular array of colourful shops and restaurants.
I believe i've found the perfect holiday job (and i'll also be able to make dishes from my cookbook as specials - now that's what i call exciting!)
... and today my dvds arrived.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As is allowed, today was my 'lazy-day". Made up of a late rise, Suits marathon and TV dinner as well as the satisfying of my guilty pleasure: blogging.
My to do list for today has not yet been looked at and it seems it won't be until tomorrow morning.
My brain is still dwelling on Suits and I can't seem to keep myself from laughing aloud whenever I remember a funny scene, especially when it involves Louis Lit.

Here is some fan love:

Wish List

A vintage pale pink convertible

An old camera

 a typewriter (for my poems and stories)

 a vintage bicycle

A retro radio & tape deck

Lolita book-purse

Monday, November 19, 2012


Recently I bought a few vinyls as I plan to get my record player fixed these holidays and they were extremely cheap (a bargain I couldn't pass up).


A day this sunny calls for the beach.
Yet that is exactly what I did yesterday, everyone had their job in bundling up a picnic and carrying it down to the beach where we laid out blankets and towels and enjoyed the heat of the sun.
I thought it the perfect time to try out the angel cards I'd gotten for my birthday and spent the rest of the afternoon reading everyone's fortunes. 

Song of the Day: 
Origin of Love - Mika

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eternal Style

"Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint-Laurent


The Approach of Summer.
Although it isn't yet holidays, it sure feels like they've started and I am counting down the hours until they commence which is in approximately 216 hours.

What makes it feel like summer?
Waking up late
Not seeing heavy rain clouds first thing in the morning.
Washing my car with my speakers blaring, "School's Out" by Alice Cooper.
My first slight sunburn (so easy to forgot the intensity of the sun).
Watching a Suits marathon and not feeling guilty that i hadn't studied.
Eating dinner outside with the sun still shinning.

Imagine that everyday.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


As of now, i have three exams left in order to finish my school career. It's the night before my history exam, a subject which i really love, and i've decided to create a new blog. 
I've also decided that this blog shall carry detailed descriptions of my up and coming holiday as well as my exciting year to follow. I'll hopefully be in London by then, unless something more spectacular arrives. 
I hope you'll stick with to enjoy what i hope to be an enchanting, interesting and very dramatic ride. 

Sweet Child of Mine