Monday, June 12, 2017

Appetizing Autumn

Deep Green Flatbread

Toasted Banana Tart


Aubergine Roll Ups

Roasted Chickpea Hummus

Figs and Berry Tart

Monday, March 13, 2017

Summer / Spring Clean

Yesterday the opportunity arrived for a deep summer / spring clean. I'd been longing to set aside the time and have a fully-immersed day of clearing out clutter, sorting through papers and re-designing my house and essentially my life. I woke up slowly, enjoyably as one might do on a Sunday morning - allowing sleep to shift itself out of my mind as the wind howled mightily and the sun streamed in through my skylight. There was (and always is) much to be grateful for. 
Between the duster, broom and vacuum there were moments for tea, raw chocolate and song switching. The designing part, replacing my collectables in different places and creating a beautiful new feel brought me the most joy. The tough stuff can be found in sorting papers, re-reading cards and letters with tear-streams or laughter lines. And then night arrives, settling down, bum on the carpet, back against the couch, a bowl of hearty vegetables made with love and a little time to relax before I crawl into bed and close my eyes.

I welcome Autumn.
Windy, wistful, wondrous days. 
Some making pumpkin stew 
and others spent creating 
deep rouge berry pies.

Be Present.

Cherish & Treasure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Spring Flowers & Bowls of Bliss.

My days have held more flow, more freedom within time and because of it I am able to be more in my feminine. I am still able to do what I need to, yet that rushed (sometimes erratic) energy is no longer my driving force. 

The Aries super moon has added the power and charge needed to get those nitty-gritty things done...This morning my energy was on a new level & I did my affirmations with spirit!
How good it feels to be on purpose! 

Home-made banana & berry ice cream 

Monday, August 22, 2016

"Kiss a little more, Think a little less"

Michael Ray's lyrics sing sweet songs of summer. 
The light lingers longer
The dawn sheds it's cloak
As spring begins to creep in. 

Bring on SUMMER! 

Just Saying...

Inspired words pieced together,
bring insight and pleasure.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gazes - a poem

Silent and telling.
Dreamy and daunting. 

Your gaze.
Loving and warm. 
Liquid fire
shimmering with desire. 

My gaze.
Honest and trusting. 
Passionate haze
loving wildly, energy plays. 

Energy leaps,
between the two,
mirrors to the other
the glass clears,
out saunter the hidden fears
as acceptance becomes 
a gentle 
souls shine
in divine recognition. 

- M J H